We were founded in 2012 in London with the desire to make top quality custom animated explainer videos accessible and affordable to anyone who has a complex idea that they need making clear and simple.

In the last few years we have written, directed, designed and produced well over 150 videos for clients of all shapes and sizes from all around the world.

Through this time we feel we have gained unique insights and experience in what makes a really great demo/explainer/sales video, and what it takes to truly get a message across and to get the viewer to take action.

"Our Video has been live for 4 weeks. We are thrilled with the response! We have been receiving 1-2 extra phone calls a day from new customers. We never imagined we would receive this much business back from our video in such a short time. Many thanks to Explainifyr for all of their hard work and great ideas!"

− Mary O'grady - cloudutils.net

"Great job, I'm ecstatic! Response has been VERY positive from colleagues and the clients that have seen it. The video will greatly help our sales team who will be presenting a complex service to potential clients."

− John Langan - Capita

"Your team has really done an excellent job of incorporating our goals and the messages we want to share! I’m so impressed and really like what you have come up. We are really pleased with the design, great job and THANK YOU!!!"

− Su liu - mappt.com.au